Melbourne Legacy 2012 Winter Camp

On a chilly winter day in earlly July, ten excited junior legatees from Victoria Police Legacy joined with junior legatees from the Defence Force's Legacies to travel to Gough's Bay for the Melbourne Legacy 2012 Winter Camp.

With overcast skies the first three days were spent fishing, horse riding and mountain bike riding.  There were a lot of muddy clothes and smiling faces as each group returned to the camp.  Skiing was the focus of the final two days and this meant an early breakfast before boarding the bus to Mt Buller.

Under a clear blue sky junior legatees practiced their newly acquired skills with skis and snowboards.  There were many tumbles but thankfully no serious injuries.  Evenings were occupied with the campfire in the paddock, a trivia quiz, a disco, along with table tennis and relaxing in the bunk house.


VPL volunteers Hannah Jovanovik and Natalie Marley joined staff member Katie Keily as leaders for the camp.  Detective Senior Constable Kate O'Neill also joined the camp as a volunteer.  Senior Sergeant Lyn Holland from Mansfield Police assisted with organising the local bus company as well as contacts for Mt Buller and advice to ensure the safety of all junior legatees. Ski Patrol at Mt Buller gave legatees some invaluable advice regarding safety and was there to provide assistance when it was required on the mountain. Victoria Police Transport Branch provided the transport to get us there and we were assisted with special equipment donations from Dragon Alliance and Breon Defence Systems. 

VPL thanks all these individuals and organsiations for their support in making this event a reality for our junior legatees.  We also thank Melbourne Legacy for inviting us on the winter camp and to their Youth Activities Coordinator Vlad Keca for making it happen.

Final words should come from one of our junior legatees when asked to comment on the Winter Camp "I love spending time with my Legacy friends, made stronger by trips and activities like this... time spent together with this group of people is very special and we have formed some wonderful strong bonds over the years".