MCG – message from the Chief Commissioner

Standing in for Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton at the last minute at the Christmas Luncheon at the MCG, Deputy Commissioner Andrew Crisp, long time supporter of Victoria Police Legacy (VPL), welcomed guests...

..., acknowledged the support that VPL provides to the police family and spoke of the pleasure he had in standing in for the Chief Commissioner as he loves the day and the opportunity to say a couple of words was quite special.

Andrew passed on a message from Graham which had been emailed earlier that day,

”I am sorry I can't be there today with you all. I had been looking forward to meeting many of you again and wishing you well for this holiday season. It is often this time of year when we miss our loved ones the most. I also want to thank Roger and Stephen and all the tireless Legacy workers for their commitment to this important cause. The work you do means so much to the Legatees. The police family spans the decades and Legacy is its enduring heart. Long may that be so. Have a great day. Graham Ashton CCP”

Chairman Inspector Stephen Cooper highlighted some of the VPL achievements throughout the year and reinforced the commitment VPL has to caring for police families and the challenges faced in the contemporary police environment.