VPL turns 35

6th February 1980 was an important day in the life of Victoria Police Legacy and the support that Victoria Police provide to their colleagues.

35 years ago today Victoria Police Legacy held its inaugural meeting in the old ballroom in Russell Street Headquarters. Inspector Bryan Kelly was elected as President and with the support of the then Chief Commissioner Mick Miller the committee set about improving the situation of the families of deceased members.

The minutes of the first meeting after the formation of VPL records the following members of the Committee:

“Present - Messrs. E Millar, B. Kelly, R. Braybrook, P. Ryan, T. Rippon, F. Gulliver, I Adams, M. Fisher, D. Bal, L. Smithwick, L. Thompson, J. Barritt, G. Storey, H. Duffy, M. Burgess

Apologies – Deputy Commissioner Salisbury, R. Clapton”

The minutes also record that the committee decided to approach the Chief Commissioner and The Governor of Victoria to be patrons of VPL.

From this committed group of Victoria Police members and supporters Victoria Police Legacy has grown into the organisation that it is today. Over the coming months some of the history of VPL will be posted on our website and recorded in our newsletter Care.