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Victoria Police Cycle Club Ride to the Wall


On 22 September 2017, the VPCC will be undertaking its third Police Legacy Ride to the Wall bicycle ride.

The VPCC is a Victoria Police Amateur Sports & Welfare Society affiliate club.

The VPCC Police Legacy Ride to the Wall ride seeks to benefit Police Legacy, to promote member health and fitness, to foster positive relations with community organisations and to promote a Victoria Police Amateur Sports & Welfare Society entity as community and philanthropically focused.

Last year’s VPCC Legacy ride raised over $35,000, which was donated by the VPCC to Police Legacy.

In 2015 and 2016 VPCC riders rode from Corryong Victoria to the National Police Memorial Canberra, meeting a contingent of NSW Police Remembrance Ride riders on the outskirts of the ACT. From there both groups formed as one and proceeded to the National Police Memorial where a moving remembrance service was held

The 2017 edition of the VPCC Legacy Ride will this year be held entirely within Victoria - from Ballarat to Colac via Skipton (day 1), Colac to Queenscliff (day 2) and Sorrento to the Victoria Police Memorial on St Kilda Road (day 3), where a remembrance service will be held.

The ride is supported by the TAC. All riders will wear a TAC emboldened “Towards Zero” riding kit.

Riders stay in Ballarat, Colac and Sorrento and will be supported by local Lions and Rotary Clubs. Riders will be sleeping in community halls. Ride support crew comprises a number of Police Legatees. Riders are paying their own way.

The ride is covered by appropriate insurance and VicRoads permits.