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Victoria Police Legacy Strategic Plan 2017-2021


Wednesday 19th July, 2017 saw the launch of the ‘Victoria Police Legacy Strategic Plan 2017-2021’.

The importance of the strategy was highlighted by VPL Patron Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton AM at the launch, where he spoke about two important words which encapsulate Victoria Police Legacy, these being personalised and meaningful interactions with Victoria Police Legatees.

The ‘Victoria Police Legacy Strategic Plan 2017-2021’, has been developed in consultation with key stakeholders including a representative group of Police Legatees. The Strategy provides the direction as to how Victoria Police Legacy families will continue to be engaged with, connected and supported.

Four Strategic Priorities that form the basis of the strategy are: -

1.Personalised and meaningful legatee services and programs.

2.Growing our reach and impact.

3.A recognised, trusted and proactive partner.

4.A sustainable and high-performing organisation.

Please click here to access a copy of the full plan:  Victoria Police Legacy Strategic Plan 2017-2021