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Warrnambool Medal Ceremony


Victoria Police Legatees Diana Peyton and Pamela Wade attended the Warrnambool Medal Ceremony on Tuesday 12th September, 2017 . They were also announced by name by the Superintendent as special guests at the ceremony which saw Leading Senior Constable Mark McLean of Dartmoor receive the Victoria Police Medal for Courage.

SUMMARY of award presentation

On 4 January 2013 the Kentbruck fires commenced during a day of Total Fire Ban. The fires commenced on the Portland Nelson Road, Kentbruck and spread to adjacent pine plantations and nearby Lower Glenelg National Park. The Heywood Incident Control Centre was activated and the fires burnt out of control for 7 days until 11 January 2013.

On 6 January 2013 Leading Senior Constable Mark McLean 25402 was on duty for the Dartmoor response zone when he was notified by the Heywood Incident Control Centre that fires were threatening to jump containment lines. Leading Senior Constable McLean was requested to evacuate the Monibeong and Swan Lake campgrounds. No Parks Officers were in that vicinity at the time.

Leading Senior Constable McLean attended the campground and evacuated several campers during which time the area was surrounded by bushfire.

Certificate signed by Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton

“For displaying courage in dangerous volatile operational circumstances during the Kentbruck Fires on 6 January 2013 when he located and assisted person requiring evacuation from various campgrounds between Portland and Nelson whilst under threat of the approaching fire front.”

Photo - Leading Senior Constable Mark McLean of Dartmoor, Commander Paul Naylor of Western Region and Superintendent Peter Greaney of Western Region Division 2.