Spencer Veal and Cooper DeHaan

“Police Legacy is the family you are lucky enough to have when you have had to go through tragedy. They are the community of support that helps you through the grief. Police Legacy is made up of people that get it. They have had similar experiences, they provide an ear to listen and a voice of compassion and empathy.

Police Legacy provides ongoing support to myself and my family. They organise activities for us to undertake with other legatees. This has included family camps which gave Mum the chance to relate to other adults that have had similar experiences. I have been fortunate enough to be given many opportunities including walking the Kokoda Trail (a once in a lifetime experience), touring New Zealand and day activities such as touring Google and the Christmas functions. Police Legacy has also given us financial support towards our education.

In summary, before my Dad passed away, I had never heard of Police Legacy. Once the tragedy occurred, they have been by our side supporting and guiding us through the twists and turns in the aftermath of death. Policy Legacy is the family that you inherit through a traumatic experience but once you are a part of them, you are extremely grateful.” - Cooper de Haan

“Police Legacy isn’t just a support service that is offered after a parent passes away, it is a family that is given to us after going through a horrible experience. For me, the entire community that police legacy is and the people within have not only helped me create long-standing friendships, but they have allowed me to go on adventures to New Zealand and the Northern Territory, whilst talking to others and helping each other grief. It is essentially a second home!

Police Legacy has helped me develop as a person in many different aspects. Not only has it connected me with people who have been through similar circumstances, it has allowed me to get away from reality and enjoy the experiences that are offered. Also, police legacy has helped me clear my head and get back to enjoying life as much as possible.” - Spencer Veal.