Our Commitment

VPL is committed to protecting the privacy of all personal information collected and recognises the importance of treating personal information confidentially. VPL is committed to satisfying all legal and ethical obligations regarding the protection of private and confidential information.

Why personal information is collected

VPL collects and administers a range of personal information for the purpose of establishing eligibility of a person to be deemed a police legatee or Friend of Police Legacy (FoPL) and working with the families of deceased serving members of the Victoria Police and Victoria Police veterans and serving members of Victoria Police and Victoria Police veterans who have lost a spouse or partner.

VPL also collects information in support of the health and safety of those entrusted into our care during events and activities. This may include health information and emergency contacts.

What personal information is collected

The personal information collected will include:

  • dates of service of members
  • circumstances relating to member’s departure from Victoria Police (e.g. resignation, aged retirement, ill health, retirement)
  • details of member’s partner, dependents and adult children including contact details
  • if there is no partner, details of parents or siblings of members including contact details
  • health records and medical details, including emergency contacts, of children and young people attending camps and other activities where emergency care may need to be provided.

Collection of information

VPL will only collect personal information with prior knowledge and consent of those involved with VPL or those who desire to be involved. VPL may collect information from related organisations to determine eligibility for support or services. If VPL is unable to collect information to assist in determining eligibility, then VPL may not be able to provide any service or support to the person concerned.

How information is collected

VPL may collect personal information by a variety of means including:

  • through application forms or other forms
  • by email or other written mechanisms
  • over a telephone call
  • in person
  • by technology that is used to communicate between us, including social media platforms.

Use and disclosure of information

The information collected will be used to assist VPL in determining eligibility for police legatee or FoPL status and when working with police legatees, FoPL and their families. Consent will be obtained prior to any other use.

Accuracy of information

VPL will take reasonable steps to ensure the information we collect is accurate, complete, up to date and relevant for the work that we do.

Security of information

VPL will take reasonable steps to safeguard the information we collect and store against misuse, loss, unauthorised access and modification.

Access to information

VPL will ensure individuals have a right to seek access to information held about them and to correct it if it is inaccurate, incomplete, misleading or not up to date. A request for access to personal information may be made to the CEO whose details are below. If a person believes that the personal information held by VPL is incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate then they may make a request to the CEO to amend it. VPL will consider the request and if we do not agree that there are grounds for amendment then we will add a note to the personal information indicating that the person concerned does not agree with it.


VPL will give individuals the option of not identifying themselves when completing evaluation forms or surveys.

Disclosure of information

VPL can only release personal information about an individual with that individual’s expressed permission. For personal information to be released, the person concerned must sign a consent form.
VPL can release information to third parties where it is requested by the person concerned.
VPL does not disclose personal information to anyone outside Australia.


If a person believes that their privacy has been breached, contact should be made with the CEO whose details are below.

Contact details

If there are any questions about this privacy policy, any concerns or a complaint regarding the privacy of an individual or a possible breach of the privacy of an individual contact should be made to the Chief Executive Officer using the details below. Questions, requests or complaints are treated confidentially.

Chief Executive Officer
Victoria Police Legacy
PO Box 537
Carlton South 3053
Phone: (03) 9663 4280