Our Police Legatees

Today, Victoria Police Legacy supports over 1,200 police legatees across Victoria including spouses/partners, parents and dependent children who have lost a loved one, including serving and retired sworn members of Victoria Police, Protective Services Officers and recruits in training. Our police legatees, aged from 6 months to 99 years, receive meaningful lifelong support services throughout all stages of their lives.

Loreen Thompson

Having been a Legatee for over 32 years, I have witnessed huge changes over the years. I have watched it grow immensely in many ways, especially the benefits and activities for the young, well deserving legatees.

The Christmas lunch at the MCG is so different to the first I attended at the Academy, held in the canteen with the trainees acting as waiters.

Being able to attend police graduations makes us feel like we are still part of the police family.

These days, we are thoroughly spoilt and even get flowers on special occasions. If needed, friendly staff are at the end of the phone.

Harry Frith

After five years of study young Police Legatee Harry Frith graduated from Melbourne University with a Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering.  After his graduation, Harry, whose father is Police Legatee Leading Senior Constable Stuart Frith, said, "Mum was definitely watching over me." 

Ros French

I have been a police legatee for 14 ½ years. When I was feeling down in the early days the staff made me feel not so alone.

There would not be enough room to state all the benefits but the major one has always been the caring and friendship. The staff and other police legatees really are part of my family.

I have been privileged to able to take part in trips lunches and other activities.

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