Our Donors

We love our donors and it's because of them that we can provide welfare support, grants, financial assistance and social activities for our police legacy families.

Our donors are generous, compassionate and make things happen. Their one off and regular monthly donations provide that extra level of funding to deliver welfare services to those families left behind, and gives us the opportunity to look forward to the future and make a difference.

Our donors come from all walks of life and all socio-economic levels and donate money at various times of the year, including times when they may not be doing so well themselves. Our donors recognise the sacrifice police members make every day to keep our community safe, and benefit from the intangible feeling of making a difference in the world.

One off and regular monthly donations can be made at any time to fit in within your budget and circumstances. All donations, no matter how big or small, are gratefully received.

Some messages from our wonderful donors.

“I hope this can in some small way help towards improving the lives of police who see the worst humanity has to offer and all the risk and toll that takes for very little in return.”

“I don’t earn much, neither am I rich, but I wish to donate a small amount monthly to all the heroes in blue who keep the community safe by putting their lives in danger every single day, past, present and future. I salute you."

Support Our Community

Your contribution will support the lives of partners and children of members who served our community.

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