Our Members

Put simply, we couldn’t provide the welfare support services to our police families without the very generous contributions of current and former police officers and protective services officers.

Our members are the backbone of our organisation, with serving members making a fortnightly salary contribution through the Victoria Police payroll system. We also have several retired and resigned members making regular fortnightly and monthly donations which also helps boost our fundraising efforts. Contributions come from every rank from the newest recruit to the Chief Commissioner of Police.

Our members also support us through various fundraising initiatives including Run4Blue.

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Senior Constable Charlotte Peak

Senior Constable Charlotte Peak joined Victoria Police in April 2017 and currently works at the Public Order Response Team.
After the tragic events of 22 April, resulting in the deaths of Leading Senior Constable Lynette Taylor, Senior Constable Kevin King, Constable Joshua Prestney and Constable Glen Humphris, Charlotte organised a fundraiser for the Victoria Police Legacy Remembrance Fund and families of the fallen four. The fundraiser invited people to run the total sum of the four members registered numbers - 159.495 kilometres. The run raised over $370,000.
Charlotte plans to continue to raise awareness and funds for Victoria Police Legacy through running events.

Protective Services Officer Lachlan Todd

Protecitve Services Officer, Lachlan Todd was the first police legatee to graduate as a Protective Services Officer in November 2017. Lachlan follows in the footsteps of his father, Inspector Gary Todd, who sadly passed in 2014 after 30 years service within Victoria Police. Today, Lachlan is retraining to become a Victoria Police member.

We wish him well for a safe and wonderful career serving the community of Victoria.

Support Our Community

Your contribution will support the lives of partners and children of members who served our community

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