Victoria Police Payroll Contributions

If the Police Force is a family, then Victoria Police Legacy is it’s beating heart!

To make a regular fortnightly payroll contribution, please contact Victoria Police Payroll - email - phone - 8335 5104

Victoria Police Legacy is a separate body to Victoria Police and is primarily funded through the generosity of police members themselves.  Whether you’re a recruit, sworn police officer or protective services officer, you automatically become a member of Victoria Police Legacy, and you and your family are entitled to the benefits and support that can be provided.

We all think and hope that we will survive well into our retirement and old age and that our loved ones will similarly live long and rewarding lives, but the reality is that some of us will need support of Victoria Police Legacy due to the loss of a loved one.

Donating to Victoria Police Legacy is a great way to help those in the policing family who have been struck by the loss of a loved one with meaningful support services.

Fortnightly Payroll Contributions

Victoria Police Legacy is extremely grateful for the support of over 15,800 member’s fortnightly payroll donations, and each donor can be proud contributing to an organisation that cares so well for those who are left behind within the police family.

Fortnightly payroll contributions are a small amount for each member, starting at 0.15% of salary or approximately $2 per week, however those contributions become very powerful when everyone contributes.

We encourage every police member to support the policing family through fortnightly payroll contributions and in doing so join the vast majority of members of the force supporting the policing family.

If you are a recruit, sworn police member or protective services officer and you would like to make a regular fortnightly contribution to us through the payroll system please contact Victoria Police Payroll - email - phone - 8335 5104

Benefits of Payroll Contributions

Voluntary member contributions start as low as just $2 per week

Donations over $2 are Tax Deductible

Donations support police families suffering the loss of a loved one

More ways to help

Gifts in Memory

We understand how the loss of a loved one is a very difficult time. If you have lost a loved one you may wish to set up a donation in memory.

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Fundraise for Us

Every dollar you raise means we can continue to fund our key priorities of welfare services, education grants and social connection.

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