Families and Children

Annual Family Retreat

Each year we organise a Family Retreat with regional Victoria for parents with children 17 years and under. Our Family Retreat is an opportunity for parents to have a short break with their children and includes a combination of organised fun activities, opportunities for parents to meet each other and have some time to relax, as well as time for the whole family to explore the local surrounds.

Annual Children’s Camp

Every year, VPL organises a 4-day interstate trip during the school holidays for children aged 10 to 15-years. These trips offer fun and adventure and friendships that last a lifetime.

Children’s Christmas Party

This joyful celebration is for all families with preschool and school age children. And, of course, every child receives a wonderful gift or voucher from Santa.

Celebrating Birthdays

Each year our young police legatees receive a birthday card and monetary gift for every birthday up to and including 21 years of age.

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