Our Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors are members or former members of Victoria Police, who champion Victoria Police Legacy in order to increase awareness across Victoria Police and the wider community. Our Ambassadors attend social events and engage and connect with our police legatees in various ways including hosting local lunches, delivering Christmas hampers, organising fundraising activities and joining in on our outdoor hiking events. We greatly appreciate the support of all of our Ambassadors.

Our Ambassadors

Name Location Name Location
Name: Inspector Chris Allen Location: Whittlesea Local Area Command Name: Inspector Boris Buick Location: Cybercrime Squad 
Name: Assistant Commissioner Lauren Callaway APM Location: Family Violence Command Name: Inspector Gerry Cartwright Location: State Event Planning & Custody Management Division
Name: Andrew Crisp APM Location: Emergency Management Commissioner Name: Senior Constable Shane Donaldson Location: Security Services Division
Name: Superintendent John Fitzpatrick Location: Road Policing Operations & Investigation Name: Superintendent Jenelle Fuller APM Location: Operations Support Division
Name: Administration Support Sandra Gaffee Location: Western Region Division 5 -Bendigo Uniform Name: Inspector Lisa Gilham Location: Intelligence Collection & Liaison Branch
Name: Detective Senior Sergeant Benjamin Gordon Location: Family Violence Command Taskforce Name: Assistant Commissioner Ross Guenther APM Location: Public Safety & Security
Name: Detective Inspector Kerrie Hicks Location: Joint Counter Terrorism Team Name: Executive Advisor Sandra Higgins Location: North West Metro Command
Name: Senior Sergeant Adrian Hurring Location: Police Communications D24 Ballarat Name: Senior Sergeant Della Nihill Location: Bendigo Police Station
Name: Peter O'Neill APM Location: Retired Superintendent Name: Sergeant Martin Park Location: Sexual Offences and Family Violence Unit - Operations
Name: Senior Constable Charlotte Peak Location: State Liquor Unit  Name: Commander Clive Rust APM Location: Commander North
Name: Superintendent Frank Sells Location: Western Region Division 3 Command Name: Superintendent Janet Stevenson Location: Sexual Offences and Family Violence Unit
Name: Neville Taylor APM Location: Retired Commander Name: Inspector Tim Tucker Location: Recommendations & Project Implement Unit
Name: Sergeant Sashi Vagadia Location: Public Order Response Name: Senior Sergeant Kim Warburton Location: Operations Safety Unit, Victoria Police Academy
Name: Superintendent Mark Ward Location: COVID Response Operations Name: Detective Senior Sergeant Diane Wilson Location: Center for Crime Investigation
Name: Superintendent Lisa Winchester Location: Eastern Region Operations Support Division Name: Detective Senior Sergeant Kurt Woods Location: Sexual Offenders & Family Violence Unit - Operations

Sergeant Brian Curran

Rutherglen StationSuperintendent Jo DolanFamily Violence Command

Sandra Gaffee

Sandra Gaffe joined Victoria Police officially just over 10 years ago, and is currently situated at the Bendigo Police Station as an Administration Officer for Uniform Section. 
"One of my greatest achievements is coordinating and managing the Central Victoria Police Remembrance Day Service, which I have great pride in and have also witnessed the impact of Victoria Police Legacy on those left behind.  I saw the Ambassador role as a way to continue to support the police legatees (and of course enjoy some great lunches with police legatees) and promote and encourage the wonderful work that Police Legacy does for our members and their families."

Sergeant Sashi Vagadia

Sergeant Sashi Vagadia is at Transit Central and is passionate about raising awareness of Victoria Police Legacy.
While going through training at the academy, Sashi, along with members of Squad 31 of 16-17, helped launch the Police Legacy Baton Challenge. This was to raise funds for Victoria Police Legacy and, just as importantly, to engage with recruits at the Academy at the start of their career with Victoria Police.
"It's a great honour to serve as an Ambassador for Victoria Police Legacy. I'm looking forward to working closely with the Victoria Police Legacy team into the future"

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