Police Legatee Stories

Belinda Bozykowski
It’s been nearly seven years since I became part of the VPL family, along with my children. VPL has honestly been my strength at times, held my hand navigating some of the most difficult times in my life.
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Dean Rocco
VPL has been part of our lives now since 2009. Not something that we ever anticipated but now have been fortunate enough that our experience has been overwhelmingly positive.
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Spencer Veal and Cooper DeHaan
Police Legacy is the family you are lucky enough to have when you have had to go through tragedy. They are the community of support that helps you through the grief.
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Jason Kisielis
What does Police Legacy mean to me? It is an extended family who offer sincere empathy, support, company, friendships and most of all understanding.
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Senior Constable Brendan Mason
Having grown up with two parents who were police officers, Constable Brendan Mason’s connection to Victoria Police far pre-dates him joining.
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Val Moran
We have all lost someone very close to us and we all have times when we are struggling and feel sad and on our own.
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