Victoria Police Legacy is a charitable not-for-profit organisation that provides a range of services to police families throughout Victoria who have suffered the loss of a loved one.
Should a serving or retired police officer or protective services officer, or their spouse/partner pass away, Victoria Police Legacy is there to provide ongoing support to the spouse/partner and children.

Our Mission

Victoria Police Legacy strives to ensure that no spouse/partner or child of a deceased police officer or protective services officer feels forgotten or in need of support. 

To achieve this, Victoria Police Legacy constantly asks these questions:

    • If the police officer or protective services officer was alive what would they want for their family?

    • What opportunities would they have tried to give their children?

    • How can Victoria Police Legacy assist this family so they remain a part of the police family?

    • How can Victoria Police Legacy enhance the lives of this family?

    Every year more members of the police family become part of the Police Legacy family.  We are here to support them, not just for the short term, but forever.

    Who We Support

    Members of the police family who have lost a partner who is a serving or retired sworn member of Victoria Police, Protective Services Officer or recruit in training

    Serving or retired sworn members and Protective Services Officer who have lost partners

    Resigned members, who fall into one of the above categories, if they have served more than 20 years with Victoria Police

    Members who have lost a child aged 21 years or younger

    Parents of serving members of Victoria Police and Protective Services Officers where that member was not in a relationship at the time of their death

    Members, their partners and families and police legatees experiencing grief and hardship caused by imminent or actual death or permanent (prolonged) disability

    Police Legatee Stories

    Belinda Bozykowski
    It’s been nearly seven years since I became part of the VPL family, along with my children. VPL has honestly been my strength at times, held my hand navigating some of the most difficult times in my life.
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    Dean Rocco
    VPL has been part of our lives now since 2009. Not something that we ever anticipated but now have been fortunate enough that our experience has been overwhelmingly positive.
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    Spencer Veal and Cooper DeHaan
    Police Legacy is the family you are lucky enough to have when you have had to go through tragedy. They are the community of support that helps you through the grief.
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    Our Strategy

    Our Strategic Plan 2021-2026 presents our vision and areas of focus for the next five years. It confirms our not-for-profit purpose. This is to connect and support Victoria Police Legacy families. It also defines the priorities and actions that will help us continue to make a positive difference for Victoria Police Legacy families into the future. This document will guide our directions over the coming years, helping to further strengthen our organisation and enabling us to build on our success. We will monitor and report annually on our progress against the vision and priorities outlined in this Strategic Plan.

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