Roger Schranz APM

For many years Detective Inspector Roger Schranz APM was the face of Victoria Police Legacy. Roger served on the Victoria Police Legacy Board for 18+ years and was President of the Board from 2004 to 2015. Roger and his wife Leanne sacrificed many hours to ensure that the children of deceased police and their partners were part of an experience that says you are important to us and your parent will never be forgotten. Roger’s commitment to Victoria Police Legacy was one where he took on additional responsibilities that had no direct benefit to himself. Roger was the keeper of knowledge, achievements, pitfalls, lessons learnt and a great storyteller. He was instrumental in the growth of Victoria Police Legacy as it is today where the founding principles of keeping legatees engaged, supported and connected to the policing family has never been forgotten. Roger retired from the Board in October 2018 having given many years of service dedicated service.