'Toby’s Midlife Challenge'

Published: Thursday 7 December 2023

Senior Constable Toby Gilmour from Swan Hill Highway Patrol turned 40 this year, and he's come up with a brilliant plan to help fight off any impending 'midlife crisis' - a brutal 72-hour fitness challenge, aptly named 'Toby’s Midlife Challenge', raising funds for two charities close to his heart, Victoria Police Legacy being one of them.

Toby’s Midlife Challenge starts tomorrow and will take 72 hours to complete. 

Challenges include:

• 24 x ‘CrossFit Hero Workouts/WODs’

• 24 miles of running (38.6 kilometers)

• 2.4 miles of swimming (3.86 kilometers)

Good luck, Toby, and a huge THANKS for your incredible support!

For more information and to donate to 'Toby's Midlife Challenge' visit: https://gofund.me/874ff185