2022 Wall to Wall Ride

Published: Tuesday 20 September 2022

Friday morning 16th September, at the Victoria Police Memorial, which was bathed in sunshine, Brenton Hobden, on behalf of all at Victoria Police Legacy, and along with 400+ other motor bike riders, left for Canberra carrying the 'Chief Commissioner's Baton' for a remembrance service in Canberra on Saturday 17th September, as part of the '2022 Wall to Wall Remembrance Ride'. 

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the passing of Brenton’s dad, Senior Constable David Hobden, who tragically passed away following a period of ill health from injuries sustained whilst on duty. In honour and in memory of his dad, Brenton is riding his dad’s motor bike, and along with his mum Police Legatee Glenda Hobden, took part in the remembrance service in Canberra. 

This year the baton sadly contains the name of Senior Constable Bria Joyce who died in a motor vehicle collision at Redcliffs on Friday 8th April whilst on routine patrol as a member of the Mildura Highway Patrol. Bria’s work colleague on that evening, Leading Senior Constable Thomas Kinnane and supported by his wife Chontayne and assisted by VPL Board Member Michael Grainger APM, laid a wreath in her memory. 'We Will Remember Bria' and all those within the policing family who are no longer amongst us. This year’s ride will once again raise funds for Police Legacies across Australia.   ‘We Will Remember’ ‘Hasten The Dawn’!

Picture:  Victoria Police Legatee Brenton Hobden, receives the 'Chief Commissioners Baton' to be carried and delivered to the National Police Memorial in Canberra.

Click here  - '2022 Wall to Wall Remembrance Ride'! 400+ motor bike riders leave Melbourne and on their way to Canberra!

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- Over‘2022 Wall to Wall Ride Memorial Service’!  At 3pm on Saturday 17th Septemberover 2000 motorcycles from jurisdictions across Australia arrived at the ‘National Police Memorial’ in Canberra for a service to remember those police members who have paid the ultimate sacrifice whilst keeping their communities safe. ‘We Will Remember’ ‘Hasten The Dawn’!