As long as you're there

Published: Thursday 15 July 2021

Alex Prestney who is the loving brother of Constable Joshua Prestney recently released his second song titled ‘As Long as You’re There’, which raises awareness of speaking up if we are struggling. awareness of speaking up if we are struggling. At the time of releasing his new song Alex said about the song: - "It talks about the difficulties, frustrations and confusions of what a mental health battle can feel like - a feeling we may all know too well, but as long as we’ve got a mate, family, colleagues or whatever, any piece of support can help. I wrote this for all of us and everybody else who is fighting a battle they never wanted to. I try and steer away from slow, sombre styles so I’m hoping this thumping, uplifting track can be the pick-me-up we all need. "

All that is made from streams, purchases and downloads will be going to the Black Dog Institute which is a medical research foundation that assist with development and identifications of mental health injuries and illnesses for all peoples across the board.
Have a listen, it's a great song. It's a fast tune at 155 beats per minute.