A huge 'THANKS' to the Ballarat Sub-Branch of the Vietnam Veterans Association

Published: Wednesday 31 January 2024

The Divisional Commander of the greater Ballarat area and Victoria Police Legacy (VPL) Ambassador, Superintendent Frank Sells, was presented with a donation of $500.00 to VPL by the Ballarat Sub-Branch of the Vietnam Veterans Association on Wednesday 10th January.

Vietnam Veterans Association Vice-President Rick Williams presented the cheque and stated that they had determined Victoria Police Legacy was an appropriate recipient, as the families of the police face similar issues that families of veterans need to endure where the risks commonly faced can be life-threatening and potentially deadly.

The accompanying certificate of appreciation was a mark of the respect and support for Victoria Police in their cooperation in dealing with veterans and the associated health problems that sometimes accompany their service.

Superintendent Sells responded by saying that the donation humbled him as he has previously been a Board Member of Victoria Police Legacy, with responsibility towards supporting the families of deceased police members, similar to National Legacy had to families of veterans. He also said he was heartened by the certificate of appreciation and support of the Ballarat police and their work, and he would proudly display the certificate on his office wall.

A huge 'THANKS' to the Vietnam Veterans Association for your support.