A huge ‘THANK YOU’ to ‘Degani for Members’ at the VPC for an amazing fundraising Christmas BBQ feast

Published: Wednesday 6 December 2023

A huge ‘THANK YOU’ to ‘Degani for Members’ at the Victoria Police Centre (VPC), Melbourne, for the amazing Christmas BBQ feast it provided last Thursday which saw in excess of $3,100.00 being raised for Victoria Police Legacy.

We thank all those who were able to be at the BBQ for their generous donations, and a special thanks to VPL Ambassadors Sarah Carmichael, Carla McIntyre and Felicity Bell who provided great assistance on the day, as well as Cassie Kambouris who volunteered her time to help us out on the card machine!

The ongoing financial support from police members, the community and businesses, such as ‘Degani for Members’, in support of police families who have lost a loved one is truly appreciated.