Introducing Inspector Sarah Carmichael, Victoria Police Legacy Ambassador

Published: Tuesday 12 September 2023

Introducing Inspector Sarah Carmichael, Victoria Police Legacy Ambassador. Sarah and the whole team of VPL Ambassadors play such a significant role in supporting Victoria Police families in their time of need.

'As someone who is driven to support those around me, to contribute and have meaningful impact whilst remembering those we have lost, I am so honoured to have been appointed as an Ambassador. Victoria Police Legacy plays such a critical role to so many people through connection; to be part of this, is such an enormous privilege. I am really looking forward to supporting our Police Legatees, and to contribute in as many ways that I can.' - Inspector Sarah Carmichael, VPL Ambassador

Thanks to Sarah and all VPL Ambassadors for their valuable contribution. Police Legatees know that they will always be supported and be part of the Victoria Police family.

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