Introducing Victoria Police Legacy Ambassadors!

Published: Thursday 9 February 2023

Victoria Police Legacy Ambassadors champion Victoria Police Legacy (VPL) with one of their roles, amongst others being, to increase the awareness of the work VPL does across Victoria Police and wider community. VPL Ambassadors also play a key role in attending connection events with Police Legatees and undertake a range of activities such as hosting local lunches, delivering Christmas hampers, organising fundraising activities, hosting Police Legatees at recruit graduations, to just name a few. 

VPL greatly appreciates the support of all Ambassadors, and over the coming months we would like to introduce you to this amazing team. This month, we hear from Anthony Gasparini, VPL Ambassador and Acting Inspector - Victoria Police:

'Like many Victoria Police members, I have experienced the loss of colleagues and supported many serving members through the losses they have experienced along the way too. I have seen the good work that Victoria Police Legacy does in these times of need to support the policing family. I actively contribute to Legacy to ensure support is provided to our policing family. I have a strong focus on our people, and their health and wellbeing. I have supported many campaigns over the years, including the ‘Drop-A-Cop’ skydive along with other senior police members and dignitaries in 2021 to raise awareness for mental health. I hope that I can make a difference, even if only in a small way, through providing support, raising funds or awareness.'

Thanks to Anthony and all VPL Ambassadors for their valuable contribution. Police Legatees know that they will always be supported and be part of the Victoria Police family.

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