Overflow's 4 X 4 Tours

Published: Tuesday 26 April 2022

A huge 'THANK YOU' to Dave Clancy, on behalf of Victoria Police Legacy for this fantastic donation and also to those who went along on the tour and contributed to such a great amount of funds being raised. The donation will go directly towards supporting a number of our activities for those within the policing family who have lost a loved one.

From Overflow's 4x4 Tours:-

What a great weekend of weather and fantastic group we had along for our VPL fundraising trip! After an eventful first day with a starter motor playing up we got the trip back on track on the second day and had a fantastic time out in the high country! Thank you so much to those who came along and who have supported such a great cause! We will be handing over $1700.00 to Victoria Police Legacy this week to support those families that have lost a loved one serving their community