Recognising a loved one – National Police Service Medals

Published: Wednesday 14 September 2022

The recognition of a loved ones policing service is so important and a recent Victoria Police Legacy initiative to assist Police Legatees in applying for their partners/spouses National Police Service Medal culminated on the 1st September, with seven attending an Awards Ceremony at the Victoria Police Centre in Melbourne. The medals (awarded posthumously) were presented by Chief Commissioner Shane Patton APM. Those to receive the medal posthumously were: -

John Clooney 12449 (accepted by Police Legatee Lorraine CLOONEY)

Michael Cooper 18226 (accepted by Police Legatee Janice COOPER)

Allan Garlick 9885 (accepted by Police Legatee Roma GARLICK)

William Hall 16427 (accepted by Police Legatee Barbara HALL)

Eric Mackie 12185 (accepted by Police Legatee Audrey MACKIE)

Brian Sabine 10989 (accepted by Police Legatee Dorothy SABINE)

Ronald Sever 14289 (accepted by Police Legatee Jenny SEVER)

Kenneth Tyler 12408 (accepted by Police Legatee Geraldine TYLER)

Police Legatee & Police Veteran Barbara Hall also received the National Police Service Medal at the ceremony.

(pic - Chief Commissioner Shane Patton APM presents Eric’s National Police Service Medal to a very proud Police Legatee, Audrey Mackie)