Youth Education Grants

We recognise the importance of education in all forms, so we offer a range of education grants for police legatee children and young adult police legatees from childcare to university.

Youth education grants are provided to police legatees for:

  • Pre-School / Childcare for ages 0-5 years
    Includes childcare centres, family day-care, in-home care and kindergartens / preschools. 
  • Primary School – Prep to Year 6
    Includes all primary schools and home schooling. 
  • Secondary School – Year 7-12
    Includes all secondary schools and home schooling. 
  • Once Off Payment Secondary School - Year 7-12.
    Supports the extra costs of secondary education such as uniforms, camps and excursions, digital devices and software. This payment is in addition to the annual Secondary School - Year 7 – 12 grant.
  • Apprenticeships
    For those who have completed their secondary school studies and chosen to enter a trades course.  This grant assists with extra out of pocket costs which are not reimbursed by the employer, such as tools and clothing.
  • Technical & Further Education (Cert I-IV, Diploma/Advance Diploma)
    For those undertaking a certificate, diploma or advanced diploma course.  This grant assists with extra out of pocket fees which are not covered by government subsidy programs.
  • University (Tertiary or Associate Undergraduate)’
    For those undertaking tertiary studies at an accredited university.  Payments are made at the end of the academic year and paid based on subjects / units passed.

Applications can be made January to April each year.

For more information about our Youth Education Grants please contact Carol Jenkinson or call the office on 9663 4280.

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